Renting a Party Bus for Your Bachelorette Party

There are limitless reasons to rent a party bus for your bachelorette party, but the number one reason if you ask us is that it gives the party wheels! You can bring your own drinks on board, putting them in the built in cooler and serving them at the custom bar. And of course you can get as intoxicated as you want to without worrying about drunk driving or designated drivers. Your professional chauffeur will ensure that you're completely safe.

The spacious interior is another perk that you simply won't find with other modes of transportation. Even the largest limos don't compare to a luxurious party bus. Perimeter seating makes it easy to carry on a conversation with the entire party while on the road. And of course, with all that room, you'll never have to squash yourself into an uncomfortable seating position, wrinkling that perfect outfit that you spent hours choosing!

The Features of Each San Francisco Party Bus

The 28-seater bus has a large flatscreen television for you to watch, and a very loud sound system for bumping your favorite tunes. With the easy iPod connection, you can mix the perfect playlist and keep the party moving in between destinations. The fiber optic lighting system adds ambiance, and there are wood floors and leather seating that will make you feel more pampered than you've ever been on the road before!

Did we mention that there's a stripper pole in the 28-seater bus? There's nothing more fun than getting down and dirty on the stripper pole with your girls! It's a lot of laughs and also a great workout! And you may even learn some moves to try out on your wedding night! The only perk missing from the 24-seater bus is the stripper pole, so if you need less seating and don't want to take a spin on the pole, you may want to opt for that one.

Booking Information for the Ultimate Party Bus Bachelorette Party

In general you'll save some cash by booking your party bus trip on the weekdays, but there are different rates for every day of the year so you'll want to check the calendar on the San Francisco Party Bus website for the most current information. You'll find their business at 300 Webster Street, and you can easily reach them by telephone at 628-227-5628, or by email at For complete information including photos and much more, visit Party Bus San Francisco right away.

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