Our Top Tips for an Unforgettable Bachelorette Party

If you've already read our Bachelorette Party Themes page, you may have some ideas in mind for what you'd like your big night to be like, or perhaps you've already finalized those decisions. Whether or not it's set in stone, you may want to give some thought to the before and after! The night doesn't just begin when you all arrive at the destination. Especially not if you rent a party bus! That enables you to begin partying while the bus cruises the city streets picking up all your friends from their homes! Let's go over a few of our top tips for maximizing the time you spend with your friends on your big night!

A Special Night Deserves a Special Day Trip

Tip #1: Kick the Party Off at Home! When you've got a lot of events planned for a bachelorette party, there often isn't enough time to chit chat with everyone and make those special connections. The best way to enjoy the company of your friends is to begin the day at home. It doesn't have to be your home. It may be a friend's house or the home of a special relative who would like to spend part of the day with you. This location can be the main meeting place for everyone, and you can have the party bus pick everyone up from there. Make time for some light snacks and drinks and perhaps to exchange gifts. What a great way to begin your day!

Tip #2: Make It a Spa Day! After beginning your day together, the best thing to do is head to one of San Francisco's wonderful spas for a morning or afternoon of pampering. You can get facials, mani pedis, and even full body treatments. Many spas include cafes or restaurants where you can enjoy a healthy snack before heading out for the night. We recommend Kabuki Springs & Spa at 1750 Geary Boulevard, at phone number 415.922.6000, or Tru Spa at 740 Kearny Street, at phone number 415.399.9700.

Instead of a Day or Night, Make It a Weekend!

Tip #3: Expand Your Night Out into a Weekend Away! Something that no one expects for a bachelorette party is a full weekend getaway. Hotels and resorts are all-in-one destinations where you can relax, indulge, and kick up your heels. With a party bus providing the transportation for your weekend away, you can literally throw your party in just two steps--booking the resort and booking the bus. There's nothing easier than that, and nothing you need more than a couple of days away from it all. Talk about a major de-stressing session before your wedding day!

Tip #4: Rent a Private Location for the Ultimate Party! If you're more the do-it-yourself type and don't want anyone else running the show, your weekend getaway could easily be held at a private location like a rented downtown apartment or hotel suite! You can recreate the atmsophere of your favorite club by renting speakers and sound equipment, and yet the only partygoers will be you, your friends, and anyone else that you choose to invite! At any point in the evening you can always head out in the party bus for a fun cruise around town.