Our Top Ten Bars and Clubs in San Francisco

If you've already read our Bachelorette Party Themes page and Bachelorette Party Tips pages, then you're ready to take a look at our picks for the top ten bars and clubs in the San Francisco area. These are some of the best places to book for your party. We've attended bachelorette parties at some of these locations, and at others we've just scouted out the venue and determined that it'd be a blast for a group event. Here are our picks along with contact information!

Our Top Ten!

It was much too difficult to order these from one to ten, because they are all number one as far as we're concerned! Choosing the right one for your bachelorette party is simply a matter of personal taste. Here's the list:

Dance San Francisco - A Salsa Dance Academy
Dance San Francisco is located at 3214 Fillmore Street, and private salsa lessons are one of the most exciting ways to celebrate your bachelorette party with friends! Working this location into your big day will add a new level of excitement. And on the wedding night you might even want to try out some of those spicy hot Latin dance moves with your partner! You can reach Dance San Francisco at 877.507.3403 or find them online at DanceSF.com.

Fluid Bar & Lounge
Beautiful crowds, great decor, and affordable drink prices make Fluid Bar & Lounge one of our top picks. We love the subdued purple lighting, and the upscale casual atmosphere. The light up dance floor will take you straight back to the 70s and 80s. You can find Fluid Bar & Lounge at 662 Mission Street. Reach them on the telephone at 415.615.6888 or find them online at FluidSF.com.

If the women in your group are beer lovers, you will definitely want to consider Toronado as a possible location for your bachelorette party! The beer selection is top notch, and the bartenders are always happy to help you find the perfect one for your tastes. Very cool laid back atmosphere. You can find Toronado at 547 Haight Street. Give them a call at 415.863.2276 or find them online at Toronado.com.

Bimbo's 365 Club
Don't let the name fool you--Bimbo's 365 Club has nothing to do with strippers or adult entertainment! It's actually one of San Francisco's oldest nightclubs, having been in operation since 1931 under various incarnations. Nowadays you can catch amazing live rock and jazz shows! It's located in the North Beach neighborhood and the atmosphere is very upscale and trendy. You'll find this San Francisco institution at 1025 Columbus Avenue. You can give them a call at 415.474.0365, or find them online at Bimbos365Club.com.

DNA Lounge
DNA Lounge stays open late and they've always got incredible shows going on at any given time. Often there's burlesque, live DJs, live bands, and even film premieres and private events like your bachelorette party! They've got a giant dance floor so if you love to boogie down with your girls, this is your best bet in the city. Excellent sound system and superbly friendly staff! You'll find DNA Lounge at 375 11th Street, by phone at 415.626.1409, and of course online at DNALounge.com.

Element Lounge
If we really had to choose a favorite on this list, it would probably be Element Lounge. The decor is hewn from natural elements like river rock, water, steel, fire, and aged woods. They say that Akasha is a part of the mix, and with the good vibes we always feel here, we wouldn't be surprised if there was some serious life force involved in that magic! Great music and wonderful crowds. You can find Element Lounge at 1028 Geary Street. Call them up at 415.440.1125 or find them online at ElementLounge.com.

Ruby Skye
Ruby Skye is another of our top choices. This night club has amazing live DJs, and since it's located within an old meeting hall at 420 Mason Street, built way back in 1890, there's an incredible historic atmosphere that you're just not going to find anywhere else. Very swanky, and always a good time. You can get more information by calling 415.693.0777, or on their website at RubySkye.com.

Suite 181
Suite 181 is always a great time! Some complain about the twenty dollar cover charge and the drink prices, but others know that you get what you pay for! You simply cannot beat the service here--they really cater to you as if you're in a much smaller club, but you get that spacious atmosphere that you crave as well. There are several dance floors and bars within. Located conveniently at 181 Eddy Street. Call them up at 415.345.9900, or get more info online at Suite181.com.

Elbo Room
Elbo Room, with its unmistakable red ceiling and exquisitely shined floors, has a great old fashioned atmosphere that will really make your bachelorette party a special one. The cover charge is cheap to go upstairs and hear the great live bands playing. The beer selections are excellent and highly recommended. Located at 647 Valencia Street. The phone number is 415.552.7788, and the website address is simply Elbo.com.

Infusion Lounge
Infusion Lounge is the last on our list but definitely not our last pick! We love the incredible atmosphere, and with DJs spinning the greatest sounds on two floors, you can always find the right groove to set your night off. Great top shelf liquors, bottle service, and delicious food too! Located at 124 Ellis Street. The telephone number is 415.421.8700, and online at InfusionLounge.com.

A Few Last Tips for Your Night Out

If you want your night to go as smoothly as possible, make sure that you bring contact information for all of the locations that you plan to visit. You may need directions, you may be running late, or you may need to reach the owners of the bar or club for some other unforseen reason. Bringing a complete list of locations for the party bus driver is essential.

You'll also want to bring any decor and props that you require for the night! Many bars and clubs provide special items with your booking package, including tiaras, balloons, and other goodies, so you'll want to check up on that .You may want to order flower centerpieces or other extras--always be sure to check with the owner of the venue to make sure that's all right.

And last, but never least, is our recommendation that you rent a party bus for your big night out. There is no more safer and reliable transportation than that, and no better way to take the party on the road. For all of the details on what it's like to rent one from Party Bus San Francisco, just click here.